Well, here is the equipment that I am taking on the Appalachian Trail. It doesn't look like much, especially when you consider that these clothes are all I'd wear for potentially 5 months.
On the left you can see my different layers. I have up to 4 if the weather demands it, and then an extra waterproof layer. It's important to keep your temperature right, but also important to not carry too much stuff. I'll probably send some stuff home around May.

All my hiking gear for the Appalachian Trail, layed out

And here is my backpack. This is the thing I'll have hugged to my back for the next few weeks or months. The best thing about big backpacks, is that you pretty much can lay down against any rock or tree, and it acts as a snug cushion. For the Horde!

My hiking backpack

Well, it had to be done. The hair had to go! Ever since I hiked the AT 5 years ago I'd had kinda longish hair. At one point it was down to my shoulders. But I always find it gets in my eyes when I'm hiking, and it just makes my head too hot, so off it went! Strange to have such short hair after 5 years, but I kinda like it.

My new haircut